D.E.A.L. (Drop Everything And Listen).

Once again it is a new year.  2013 was incredible, and I am looking forward to an even better 2014.

This past January I set out to do an experiment for myself.  For the month, I deleted every social media application from my phone in hopes to get rid of something that I felt like was very, very distracting to my relationships with people.

We live in an age where technology dominates the social scene.  Many kids have trouble developing socially because of things like texting, Facebook, Twitter.  We constantly want to feel like we are connected with the world.  Sometimes this is to a fault, where we feel like every moment we aren’t busy we have to be stuck on our phone or our laptop.

What I have learned over the past month is not only is the above true, but being constantly locked in to technology takes me away from experiencing the beauty of the world and its Creator.  One of the most beautiful creations God has given the world is us, humans.  This social, physical experience with other humans is a part of life that I know I do not embrace enough.  By far I would rather text someone than talk to someone on the phone.  When I am hanging out with people I also have an urge to check out what’s going on in others peoples’ lives by checking out their News Feeds or Timelines.  

What I have found in the last month is I am not a good enough listener, and often times it is due to me checking out technology too much.  Being a better listener will help cultivate the relationships I have and help me build new ones in the process.

What is something I am working on now?  I am trying to realize that that text or notification can wait if I am with other people.  Rarely will it be important enough to warrant an immediate response, so I might as well jus drop my phone and listen.  I would encourage anyone who reads this to try to become better at listening to other people.  It’s helped me in the past month with my relationships, so I hope it’ll help you too.



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