Finding Your Motivator.

So for the past couple of hours, I have been sitting here doing some of my Calculus homework.  Constantly I find myself asking “why”.  Why am I doing this?  What’s so special about Calculus that I would put hours and hours into it?  Well I mean the most apparent answer to me is that I want to get the grades to obtain my engineering degree,  work for a high tech corporation, and then make the big bucks.  But why should I really be doing it?  As Americans we are often driven by this idea of the “American dream”, having a great career, with a great family, with a lot of money to buy fancy cars, fancy clothes, and other “stuff”.  While the money and the stuff is great at times, if our minds aren’t where they need to be it can become a sort of idol; something we put above what we really should be putting our time, talents, and effort into:  glorifying our Creator with all of the talents and gifts he has bestowed upon each and every one of us.

I feel like got has given me a great interest and talent for working with computers and technology, and more specifically figuring out how they work.  I know many people who have been gifted with a heart for people, and the skills to communicate with them in a way better than I would ever be able to.  I know people who have been gifted with extreme athletic abilities, and the ability to perform in their respective sports better than I ever would be able to.

For me, alot of my motivation to achieve comes from the fact that I hope to make alot of money when I get out of college.  I often have to refocus, and realize that I should be striving for success not for my own selfish gain, but to glorify the One who has given me all of this in the first place.

One of my biggest inspirations is my buddy Mitch.  He has been gifted with an insane ability to play baseball.  I have watched him since the 3rd grade working day after day to achieve the ultimate goal of playing professionally one day.  Many in his position would be mainly motivated by the possibility of making millions of dollars.  While I am sure that is some sort of motivator for him,  that’s not why he works hard.  He works hard purely because it’s a game he loves, and he feels like he can glorify God with the talents he’s been given.  I’ve seen him after incredible highs and even letdowns, but yet he never fails to give Him the glory for the game, regardless of the outcome.

It often brings some perspective to my own life.  I won’t ever play professional baseball (just ask my little league coaches), but in whatever I do, whether big or small, I should do it not for myself, but for God.  Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men”.  If I am going to be some wealthy engineer someday, which I hope to be,  I need to motivate myself to do my best for the glory of God, and not for the glory of men.  In the end when we die,  what are we taking with us?  We can’t take the money, the cars, or the clothes.  God sees us as we really are behind the façade of materialism that most Americans, including myself, live.

So back to Calculus.  Why am I doing this?  My answer should be because I want to hone the skills God has given me in order that I may glorify Him in everything I do from here on out.  The best I can do is try to train myself to do this on a daily basis.

If you haven’t checked out my buddy Mitch’s blog please do,  he says some really great things so you really should.  I will put the link below.

So anyway, I should probably get back to this Calculus I was talking about; hope you all have a great week.



2 thoughts on “Finding Your Motivator.

  1. Ambition, apart from Christ, is of no value or worth. However, ambition for a purified heart by the Spirit of Christ…there is no number adequate to convey its value. He paid it all…. proud of you for standing up, standing out, and finding your motivation.

    You will do great things…it’s an honor to call you my best friend.

  2. Reblogged this on IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF IT and commented:
    Great read from my buddy Jesse Rice…very concise and to the point; give it a look. You wont regret it.

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