Monthly Archives: May 2013

Praying for You.


Intentionally Intentional.

Wow, my freshman year of college is over.  Honestly it was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Not only did I kind of learn how to study better and harder, but I learned more about myself in this one year than I really have in my whole life.  

Spiritually I’ve started to realize that it’s up to me to decide what I believe and up to me to be kind of Christian I want to be.  Throughout my life I’ve really just gone through the motions of being a Christian.  Sure I went to a Christian high school, went to chapel, went to church, and often prayed before dinner.  Those things are all great, but if I am not being intentional about using those opportunities to engage myself and grow my faith, then they become a sort of facade I can hide behind.

Thanks to my buddies in my discernment group at Baylor, I’ve come to the realization that it takes more than just going to church every Sunday and stuff like that to really and truly grow in your relationship with Christ.

For example, say Jesus is this really awesome guy/girl you like.  In order to become closer to him or her wouldn’t you study them, figure out what they like, and try to avoid doing things that might offend him or her?  It’s a silly example but I think the way we approach Christ can be the same.  The best way to grow closer to Jesus is by studying Him.  The best way to do that is through his Word.

My excuse was always “Oh, I don’t have enough time to read my Bible”.  If I would just spend a fourth as much time reading and studying Scripture as I do texting, I would be set.  It just takes a little bit of intentionality. God takes time for us, so we should be able to take a little time out of our day for Him.

I would encourage all of y’all to get on some sort of devotion or reading plan if you are not already.  It has really helped me.  Second though, is to find someone who shares the same goals as you.  Someone who wants to grow in their relationship with Christ in this way.  That way you can keep each other accountable and encourage each other to continue to pursue Christ in a new way everyday.

I am so excited for what God holds for my future, and it all starts at getting to know Him better.  I hope all y’all have a safe and enjoyable summer.