What equality are we asking for? The equal right to marry who you love right? So the logic follows ‘if we love each other we should have the right to marry.’ If that’s the case should polygamy and incest should be fought for as well? If they love each other should they have equal rights? If two 13 year olds think they are mature enough for a consensual marriage, should they fight for their rights? – Lecrae

So as I was scouring Facebook a little while ago, I came across this post by my absolute favorite Christian rapper Lecrae.

Looking at the comments, its easy to tell that this country is divided, and with Proposition 8 being debated in the Supreme Court this week, the argument for gay marriage has become more forthright than ever.

Here is how I see it plain and simple: homosexuality is a sin. Now just because I think it is wrong doesn’t mean I hate gays, because I do believe that we are called to love one another just as God loves us.  

If what everyone is preaching is coexistence, how come the Christians are allowed to “coexist” with their own thoughts and opinions.  Just a thought.

Anyways, back to Lecrae.  He makes some very solid points.  If we have treated the union between man and woman as a rightful marriage for thousands of years, wouldn’t a totally “equal” marriage reform involve those “in love” with relatives or with multiple significant others? If the whole aim is for everyone to be equal, then shouldn’t we include these things?

I believe that God created man to be united with women exclusively in the covenant of marriage.  Honestly, I don’t have a problem with men loving men and women loving women, but but they should stay away from marriage.

My advice to anyone joining in on the debate: show the love of Christ to those who you speak to.  Many may be lost, and hateful words never solve anything.  Through all of this I pray that people start to see how much we cannot survive on our own. We all sin, we all need a Savior.


What equality a…


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