The Beautiful Letdown.

What’s going on guys and gals, it has been a while. Spring Break was fantastic, got to spend time with family and friends.

Anyways, as my title foreshadows, this post is going to be sort of about this song that just recently been getting back into by Switchfoot. It’s an oldie though for sure. Here is a piece from the lyrics that has just stuck out to me.

“We are a beautiful letdown, painfully uncool. The church of dropouts, the losers, the sinners, the failures, and the fools. Oh what a beautiful letdown. Are we salt in the wound? Let us sing one true tune.”

To God, all of humanity is a letdown. We were created as a perfect being who’s sole purpose was to glorify Him. Yet we sinned, and we were forced to be separated from God because of our sin. It’s completely rational to thing that maybe this pissed God off a little bit. How could humanity defy the Creator? That is why we are a letdown.

But it doesn’t stop there. God never gave up on us. Sure we made a mistake, but he gave us a second chance through Christ. Since that day in the Garden of Eden when sin began, He has never stopped pursuing us. That is what I think is so incredible. Even the murderers and the complete scumbags, he loves.

That’s why I think God sees of us as the “beautiful letdown”. Yeah, we messed up and continue to mess up everyday. Still, He loves us, and sees each one of us as what we really are, His beautiful creation. Through the façades and the faces we try to put on for people, He knows who we really are.

I hope this perspective encourages y’all as much as I have been encouraged. Whenever you are in the midst of a trivial letdown or discouragement, attempt to see what God sees, the beauty of what can really be.



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