Trust Issues.

Trust. It’s a vital component to any relationship. In a human to chair relationship, the human must trust that the chair will hold him or her up. If chairs had feelings and emotions they would have to trust that the human would not exceed its weight limit or something along those lines ( I don’t know how chairs think).

In the same way, my girlfriend and I, the past 2 years we have been dating, have built a trusting bond with each other. She trusts that I won’t do anything to bring harm to our relationship,and I trust her to do the same.

Our relationship with God should involve a lot of trust as well.

One of my greatest struggles is not trusting God to the extent that I know I should trust Him. After all, he is God, so what keeps us from putting 100% of our trust in Him? For me at least, this can be answered by one phrase “I am human”. My sinful pride gets in the way, ALL THE TIME. Constantly I do not trust God, because I feel like I can do it on my own. The painful reality is that I can try all I want to be truly successful on my own, but I will never reach it.

God is the Creator, he knows all that was, all that is, and all that is to come. It is pretty insane and mind blowing to think about, but after thinking about it, don’t we trust a lot of people and objects that have A TON less power than God? Like any relationship, if the trust isn’t there, really the relationship will not thrive.

So the whole moral of the story is to trust God. With anything. He’s a great listener. I hope that anyone who reads this that has these kind of “trust issues” know you’re not alone. I’m working everyday to let go of some of my own personal pride, and put more trust in the One who gave me life.



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