Outside Looking In.

So this video and song by Jordan Pruitt is a MAJOR throwback to the good ole days of middle/elementary school. I remember hearing this song and just being inspired, not because I was really going through bullying or anything like that, but it just made me rethink what I was doing on a day to day basis. After further pondering I realized that I need to change my focus a bit. By looking through a different lens its easy to see that everyone has their own story. Everyone is suffering through something, but some people fail to notice it.

We never know who watches us on a day to day basis. By living in a Christlike manner everyday, who knows who we will touch.

Just a quick reminder for myself and others to try to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around us. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes every once in a while, and who knows how your life can change.



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